Francesco Miccichè is an italian director and scriptwriter of numerous prize-winning TV series, mini-series, movies, shorts and documentaries.

He directed in 2015 Loro chi? a movie produced by Warner Bros. Leading actors Edoardo Leo and Marco Giallini, released in Italy in 19 november 2015 and in UK in 4 march 2016. In 2015 he finished “The Table of Alliance” a documentary about a performance of the artist Daniela Papadia, winning recognition in Peace on Earth Film Festival of Chicago and in Women’s International Film and Art Festival in Miami. He showed at 70th Venice Film Festival “Lino Miccichè, my father. A vision of the world”, is a moving homage to his father Lino Miccichè, a famous italian Film Critic and organizer of Film Festival. The documentary features interviews with: Bernardo Bertolucci, Marco Bellocchio, Vittorio Taviani, Citto Maselli, Michelangelo Antonioni, Carlo Lizzani, Federico Fellini, PierPaolo Pasolini, Bruno Torri, and many other friends and colleagues. The documentary won prizes in Italy and in Brasil, and a Special Mention from the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists.

In 2012 he directed the TV series RIS Rome – Crime Evidence 3 (RIS Roma 3), broadcast until November 2012 in Italy on Canale 5, and in France on 13émeRue Universal.

In the same year he directed for Canale 5 the successfull TV series Enjoy your meal!North vs South (Benvenuti a Tavola! – Nord vs Sud), a story about conflict among two italian chefs in the restaurant world.

He was the creator, author of the original storyline and co-author of the script for the TV mini-series Hidden Olympics (L’Olimpiade Nascosta) with Gary Lewis, broadcast the same year on Rai1.

favino baci proibiti

He wrote and directed the short Forbidden Kisses (Baci Proibiti), with a young Pierfrancesco Favino (Angels & Demons, The Chronicles of Narnia, Rush…) in the lead role, winning recognition at the 53rd Venice Film Festival (‘Finestra sulle Immagini’ section).

Forbidden Kisses was shown in theaters as part of the feature movie Stellar Shorts (Corti Stellari) and has won numerous awards:

  • “Vittorio Mezzogiorno” Award (1997, Rome) – Best short
  • “Cittadella del Corto” Award (1997, Trevignano) – Best actor
  • “Festival Cinema Comico” Award (1998, Pescara) – Special jury Mention
  • “Studio Uno” Award (1999, Roma) – Best director, Best actor, Best editing

Regista sfide roberto baggio

Miccichè has directed a number of successful documentaries broadcast nationally on Italian networks.

He directed the first four seasons of Challenges (Sfide), a Rai3 cult program showcasing sport. Challenges documentaries have won numerous awards, including:

    • Award for Best TV director of the year (2002, San Remo)
    • Flaiano Award (2002, Rome)
    • Beppe Viola Award (2002, Milan)
    • MOVIES e TV Award (in 2003 and in 2004, Milan)
    • International Shangai Television Festival Award (2004, Shangai)


For Rai1 he wrote the storyline, collaborated on the script and directed the TV mini-series Free to play (Liberi di giocare).

With Pierfrancesco Favino in the lead role, the cast included Isabella Ferrari, Sabrina Impacciatore, Edoardo Leo, Thomas Trabacchi and Giorgio Colangeli.
The script was inspired by the true story of a soccer team of Milan prison inmates, a story that Miccichè had already told in a Challanges documentary.

The role won Favino the Maximo Award Prize as best actor at the Rome Fiction Fest (2007).

Miccichè has directed historic Rai TV series:

  • The Police Squad, italian version of The Bill (La Squadra 7, FremantleMedia-Rai)
  • A place in the sun (Un posto al sole, FremantleMedia-Rai)
  • General Medicine 2 (Medicina Generale 2, FremantleMedia-Rai)
  • The New Police Squad (La Nuova Squadra, FremantleMedia-Rai)


He has also directed TV series for Canale 5:

  • RIS Rome – Crime Evidence 2 (RIS Roma 2, Taodue )
  • High Schoolers 3 (I Liceali 3, Taodue)
  • RIS Rome – Crime Evidence 3 (RIS Roma 3, Taodue)
  • Enjoy your meal! – North vs South (Benvenuti a Tavola! – Nord vs Sud, Wildside-Taodue)

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